Breanna Hall Awarded Schott Foundation Public School Grad Scholarship

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Ann Beaudry
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Tele: 202-246-3215

The Schott Foundation for Public Education is proud to announce that Breanna Hall has been awarded the 2019 Public School Grad scholarship.  Ms. Hall is a recent graduate of Ramsay High School in Birmingham, Alabama and plans to attend Alcorn State University in the Fall.

Dr. John H. Jackson, Schott President & CEO, said, “We faced a difficult decision choosing among so many bright, dedicated students—a process that reinforces our confidence in the next generation of leaders being prepared by our nation’s public schools to contribute to our society in countless ways.  Congratulations to Ms. Hall, who has already shown through her school activities and leadership in community service projects that she is well on her way to making a difference.”

In the nationwide scholarship competition, students were asked about their school experience and the impact of a teacher who had influenced them.  Ms. Hall gave a very compelling description of the leadership of Ramsay high school English teacher Dr. Tineka B. Peoples, who also serves as the faculty advisor to the Future Teachers of Alabama organization that Hall was actively engaged in throughout high school. “Dr. Peoples is an exemplary person and an ideal teacher. I have been greatly influenced by her honesty, talent, and selflessness.  She saw my potential and I am so grateful to have her in my life. The way that she cares for her students and her teaching style inspired me so much that I have decided to become a teacher.”


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The Schott Foundation is a national philanthropic organization dedicated to ensuring that all students have an equitable opportunity to learn. Schott’s Public School Grad initiative is a strategic national effort to elevate and reinforce positive narratives about America’s public education system by displaying the extraordinary talent that exists among our diverse public school students and by increasing appreciation for the contributions public schools and their teachers have made to every sector in American society.