Parent and Community Organizing Pays Off

Over the past couple of weeks, we've posted about different examples of successful community organizing from across the country and they're worth highlighting again all in one blog post as proof of the power of grassroots organizing. 

In Florida, parents organized against a proposed "parent trigger" bill, recognizing that handing over control of schools to for-profit and less-regulated charter organizations isn't how you fix struggling schools. The parent mobilizing was so successful in influencing the public debate that the bill was ultimately voted down. Even one of the bill's sponsors voted against it in the end. 

Meanwhile, protests in Pennsylvania have drawn attention to the drastic budget cuts that the state's public schools have suffered over the past few years and the effect these cuts have had on the state's most disadvantaged students.

And in New York, parent organizing efforts by groups like Alliance for Quality Education have changed public debate so significantly that state elected officials have announced they are committed to ensuring state funds go toward supporting struggling schools rather than funding competitive grants. 

You can read more about the FL news here and here, the PA news here, and the New York news here

Also be sure to check out the documentary "Parent Power," which chronicles the story of Bronx parents in 1995 who lobbied for equitable resources for their local public schools. You can watch the trailer for the documentary here.  

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