Mark Your Calendars! OTL Webinar Racial Justice Training

On February 27th, the Opportunity to Learn Campaign will be hosting a webinar on racial justice with the Applied Research Center, an OTL ally. The webinar will provide advocates and organizers with valuable tools for framing and combating racial disparities in our nation's education system. Sign up here!

Race is an important lens to use when talking about education and opportunity in the US. Across the country, race – along with family income, zip code and gender – is a key determinant of the types of resources and opportunities a child will have access to, and thus their chances for success. In order to ensure each student has a fair and substantive opportunity to learn, we must identify disparities in access to those resources and opportunities and learn how to frame them in a way that affects change at the local, state and national level. 

In this webinar, members of ARC's team will introduce Racial Equity Impact Assessments (REIAs), a systematic examination of how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision. REIAs are a vital tool for preventing institutional racism and for identifying new options to remedy long-standing inequities. Communities across the country from Seattle to St. Paul to Connecticut have begun to use REIAs in their policymaking – learn how you can implement them in your own community!

Panelists include:

  • Terry Keleher, Director of ARC's Racial Justice Leadership Action Network
  • Jermaine Toney, Research Consultant with ARC
  • Nayantara Sen (moderator), Network Training Associate at ARC
  • And you! We'll have plenty of time for questions and we want to hear your stories and experiences!

The webinar will take place Wednesday, February 27th at 2 PM Eastern. Register here!

Download ARC's two-page, pre-webinar overview of Racial Equity Impact Assessments below!

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