St. Paul Teachers Threaten Strike to Defend "Schools Our Children Deserve"

If you haven't heard about the brave stand teachers are taking in St. Paul, MN, here's what's going on:

Months ago before contract negotiations started, St. Paul teachers met extensively with parents to develop a platform focused on providing all students with vital resources like small class sizes, school nurses and counselors, pre-k access, robust curricula and less standardized testing. Rather than fighting about pay, these teachers threatened to strike if their students' needs aren't met, and their efforts are garnering national attention.

As of Friday morning, a tentative deal has been reached, averting the strike.

From the Star Tribune:

"The union called upon community members to help it create its priority list, and in recent weeks it has tapped into that communal spirit by staging public events.

On Jan. 30, the union enlisted parents and students to attend 'walk-in' rallies outside the schools. Then, this week, before the school board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday night, community members joined scores of teachers in rallying on behalf of the union and its proposals."

On February 18, more than 500 parents, students and teachers rallied in support of the new platform, "The Schools St. Paul Children Deserve." Here are some of the highlights:

Back in October, we partnered with parents, students, teachers and community members to host a national conference in Los Angeles where more than 500 people endorsed the Principles That Unite Us. We're proud to stand with the parents and teachers of St. Paul who are fighting to put those Principles into action and defend every child's right to a high quality public education.

View the new platform, "The Schools St. Paul Children Deserve," here

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