New Jersey Organizers Demand a Voice in Education Debate

The fight over public schools is heating up in New Jersey. On March 27, advocates from across the state rallied at the NJ State House to protest the market-based reform policies that are hurting their public schools and to demand a new approach to supporting and improving the state's education system. 

Above all, the protesters are demanding a voice in the decisions affecting their schools. With the state's endangered school funding system and looming school closures and turnarounds, communities feel locked out of the decision-making process. They're seeking an end to high-stakes testing (and the resulting demonization of teachers and public schools) and full, fair funding so that every school has what it needs to meet their students' needs. 

Check out a great video recap of the March 27 event below. Learn more about the legislative battle for community voice in education here. For more pictures and video of the rally, follow #NJEdMarch27 on Twitter!

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