The State of Our Schools

President Obama may have just given his annual State of the Union Address to Congress, but the speech we've been waiting to hear is the Alliance for Quality Education's State of Our Schools speech. 

In a short video, Zakiyah Ansari, advocacy director for the New York-based organization, takes NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to task for failing to fix persistent inequities in public school funding. Her call for fairness and opportunity in education could apply just as well to states across the country. With more than half of public school students nationwide coming from low-income families, fair funding is absolutely crucial to ensure schools can provide the types of classroom resources and wraparound supports to help their students succeed.

As Ansari puts it: 

"Governor Cuomo, fairness and equity is something we have yet to try in this state when it comes to education – and it's time that we do." 

Watch her speech below and read about the Alliance for Quality Education's latest report on school funding disparities in NY here.

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