New Report, "Gubernatorial Delinquency," Documents Underfunding in NYC Schools

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo owes New York City public schools $2,667 per student. Given that NYC is the country's largest school district, that debt adds up to the tune of $2.5 billion worth of resources currently being withheld from students, teachers and their schools. 

The latest report from the Alliance for Quality Education, "Gubernatorial Delinquency: Cuomo's Failure to Fund New York City Public Schools," shows how the state government has failed for decades to provide adequate resources to the city's schools and, as such, is depriving students of resources like smaller class sizes, college counselors, arts, sports and afterschool programs.

Despite a ruling from the state supreme court 10 years ago in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit, New York lawmakers have failed to fully fund the state's Foundation Aid formula, which is meant to help districts meet the needed level of funding to provide all students with a quality education.

To accompany the report, the Alliance for Quality Education has put together a online tool you can use to see how much money each school in the city is owed by the state. Check it out here, and download the full report here.

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