NYC Mayor Expanding Community Schools Program to 200 Schools

Services in community schools
Some of the resources offered in community schools.
Via NYC Community Schools

Education organizers in New York City celebrated when then-mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio promised to create 100 new community schools to better meet the out-of-school needs of the city's children. Now, just over a year into his term as mayor, de Blasio's administration is upping that number to 200 community schools by 2017. 

Community schools become hubs for their local neighborhoods, providing essential student and family supports such as healthcare, after school programs, literacy education, and other needed services through partnerships with local organizations. By connecting schools to their local communities, these schools are more accessible to families and are better able to meet the needs of their students.

De Blasio's School Renewal Plan has already brought millions more in funding to just over 100 schools. Because of the many successes of this program so far, de Blasio's administration is now hoping to expand the number of community schools to 200. Many of these new schools will be previously existing schools with community models that lacked requisite funding to fully qualify. Under this new plan, they will be able to apply for new grants to bring in more services and other resources, like expanded educator training. Other schools, including some new schools, will also receive access to these resources. 

You can find some background on the issue here, and information on the newly released plan here.

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