How a Grassroots Organization Grows in Power

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Bill Kopsky, via the APPP

One of the amazing things about grassroots organizations is how they develop—from genuine community upswell and shared interest in important ideas and values to, hopefully, a political force of empowered citizens. Bill Kopsky, the head of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel (APPP), talks in a short video about the history of his organization and its own development. The APPP started as a panel of mothers working towards school integration in their state. Eventually it began focusing on public policy development at the legislative level, but soon realized that a shift in direction was necessary. Upon reaching out to local communities and organizations, they discovered one of the things these groups most wanted was a truly grassroots, organized coalition. Now the APPP coordinates the Arkansas Citizens First Congress and, more recently, the Arkansas Opportunity to Learn Campaign.

You can watch Kopsky talk about this history here or below. It is a great example of how groups and communities can come together to form grassroots organization and create change.

Bill Kopsky: Tax Reform & Organizing from Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation on Vimeo.

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