MA Student Immigrant Movement Fights for In-State College Tuition

SIM students at hearingIn mid-July, the Massachusetts-based Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) led hundreds of students and allies in the fight for in-state tuition for undocumented students during a hearing before the state's Joint Committee on Education. SIM is a youth-led grassroots organization and they know how important college education can be. But for the undocumented students SIM represents, high tuition costs often keep college out of reach. Their fight to allow students who have grown up in MA and attended its public schools access to in-state tuition rates would lower costs considerably and help to make college more accessible for all young people.

SIM was founded in 2005, with a goal of organizing and empowering youth leaders to fight for themselves and their fellow students and communities. They have organized campaigns to halt deportations, and now hope to push the MA legislature into an aid bill by the end of the year.  At the hearing, students shared their personal stories to help the committee members understand what a college education would mean for undocumented students. They also spoke about how tuition equity would benefit the state, as more people would attend college and then be able to better contribute to a growing economy.

The hearing also prompted numerous twitter conversations under #DaretoDreamMA, as well as some great photos of the event. You can check out some below:

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