Are you a Proud #PublicSchoolGrad?

Since their founding, local public schools and their educators have produced America’s most brilliant artists, scientists, doctors, musicians, lawyers, presidents, and more — people from all walks of life, contributing to society in a myriad of ways. The neighborhood public school is often the center of a civic and cultural life, recognized as the key to each community's future. The fate of public schools affect the fate of everyone: it's why they were one of the first institutions built by freed slaves during Reconstruction, and why they were so central to desegregating our towns and cities a century later.

And while the struggle continues to make our public schools more equitable and just for every child, we must also celebrate and protect those aspects that are now under threat by privatization, disinvestment, and resegregation. That's why the Schott Foundation is proud to lift up some of the countless success stories that our public schools produce every year from coast to coast.

At our 25th Anniversary Gala last month we showcased several brilliant student artists from New York City public schools, highlighting the importance of the arts and music in public schools. (Click here to see their amazing performances!)

Join us in this effort to highlight the brilliance produced by your local public school: are you a proud #PublicSchoolGrad? Take a selfie with the name of your high school and #PublicSchoolGrad to tell the world that public education is the lifeblood of your community, and is worth standing up for!

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