Standing with Our Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week

Each of us can think of an educator who made a positive impact in our lives, picked us up when we were down, or helped kindle a lifelong curiosity and love of learning. Teacher Appreciation Week is usually a time to simply reflect on the importance of educators in society and to thank them for the incredibly important work they do.

But this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in a context unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. Educators across the country are mobilizing against the accumulated years of budget cuts, the undermining of their profession and the privatization of our public schools. They’re taking this moment to come together on behalf of their students and communities and demand a change.

Nobody goes into teaching for the paychecks. An educator’s work requires dedication, long hours, and a big heart. As a public fund co-founded by an educator, the Schott Foundation has worked for more than twenty-five years to make sure educators have the support they need to teach and inspire the next generation of learners and leaders.

Just as our recent Loving Cities report showed that when it comes to education we can’t expect our schools to act alone, when it comes to building a movement we can’t expect our educators to act alone.

They’re standing up for our children: it’s time we all stand up with them.

Arm-in-arm together, our country's teacher, community, parent, and youth organizations can build bridges together and win the crucial investments our public schools need. So for those who aren’t involved yet, here’s your opportunity. When you say “thank you” to a teacher this week, follow it up with: “how can I help?”

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Photo courtesy Joe Brusky.

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