Loving Communities Response Fund

Loving Communities Response Fund

The organizations and communities of color supported by the Schott Foundation come from generations of people who are grounded in community – they are organized and resilient in the face of structural violence and structural racism. As we're facing a global pandemic, the inequities and challenges they must now deal with are exponentially greater. This is a moment for solidarity, not charity. We share desires to stabilize, support, sustain, and strengthen this vital network of advocates and the families and students whom they support. We are in live conversations with many of our partners that are receiving calls for help. They have asked Schott to take the lead in shoring up immediate and flexible monetary support as they focus on responding to the front lines.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have further impact, Schott’s network of partners is repositioning their advocacy efforts in the short-term to provide mutual aid support in their communities just as they have done during previous crises. At the same time, they are working hard to ensure that the voices of those most impacted by school closures, food and housing insecurity, and unemployment are included in shaping policies and allocating resources. Our partners are working both to serve families, and quickly adapt to new ways of advocating and movement building through digital platforms. Eighty percent (80%) of our partners do their work person-to-person. The shift to online mobilization is critical – and necessary – in this moment while balancing the concerns of taking care of staff, etc.

Schott created the Loving Communities Response Fund to support community-led, grassroots organizations who serve youth and families directly impacted by school closings, lost wages, food insecurity, and are facing homelessness. Funds raised will also support our partners in increasing their organizational capacities to work remotely and to continue their important advocacy efforts online.

Every dollar raised will go directly to community organizations on the front lines to help them meet these immediate needs.

Schott is grateful to launch the fund with a gift of $50,000 from a generous anonymous donor. We have a goal of raising and deploying $250,000 in rapid response funds over the next several weeks. We hope you can match or exceed this contribution so that we can move quickly to respond to our constituents’ rapidly-changing immediate needs.