October 18, 2019

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Zakiya Sankara-Jabar on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

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Dignity in Schools
National Week of Action

National Event:
Oct 26 • Las Vegas, NV
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Grantmakers for Education Conference
October 22-24, 2019 • New Orleans

Featuring a keynote by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva
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Upcoming Webinar: Standing with Puerto Rico

Like flowers blossoming after a storm, deep and widespread social movements in Puerto Rico have emerged to confront a brutal austerity regime. Despite a virtual media blackout in the mainland U.S., grassroots groups across the country have built links of mutual solidarity and support with education justice movements in Puerto Rico.

Since its founding, Schott has worked to convene and support grassroots advocates. Join our upcoming webinar to get an inside look at how organizers are weaving diverse campaigns that may be separated by hundreds of miles but are united in struggle.
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A Strike for a Loving City

More than 30,000 educators and support staff are on strike in Chicago starting Thursday. Continuing a trend over the past several years, greater cooperation and coordination between educators and social movements has resulted in a sea change in both understanding and action.

Schools don’t exist as islands, but impact and are impacted by the economic and political climates that surround them. Students don’t come into classrooms as blank slates, but carry with them all the advantages and disadvantages they live with beyond the schoolhouse.
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Youth Mandate for Presidential Candidates: Permanently Dismantle The School-to-Prison-and-Deportation Pipeline

Endorsed by more than a hundred youth organizations and their allies, including the Schott Foundation, "A Youth Mandate for Presidential Candidates: Permanently Dismantle The School-to-Prison-and-Deportation Pipeline" was released today: the boldest intervention in the education justice space so far in the 2020 political discussion.
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Lack of NY State Funding for Public Schools "Has Led to Educational Racism"

Schott grantee partner the Alliance for Quality Education released a new report on Foundation Aid for public schools ahead of this week's state Senate discussion on the issue:

"The State’s unwillingness to use the Foundation Aid formula to provide the funding necessary has led to educational racism. Under-resourced schools, particularly in Black and Brown communities do not provide students with high quality learning opportunities to which they are entitled."
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