October 3, 2019

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Schott Webinar:
Keeping Public Schools Public

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Reframing Philanthropy Series:
"Why Indigenous Wisdom Is Essential to Strengthening Philanthropy"

A conversation with Schott VP
Edgar Villanueva
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 •  NYC
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Grantmakers for Education Conference
October 22-24, 2019 • New Orleans

Featuring a keynote by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva
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Dignity in Schools
National Week of Action

From October 19th to 27th, DSC members in more than 20 states will host events as part of their 10th Annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout. Under the banner of ‘Educate Students, Stop Arrests,’ local and community-based organizations will hold rallies, teach-ins, community forums, unveil murals, lead marches and more; taking a stand against punitive, zero-tolerance discipline policies and calling for the end of the regular presence of police officers in schools.
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Navigating Racist Triggers: The Unsettling Impact of Current Events on the Immigrant Experience

by Carolina Espinal,
Schott Foundation Board Member

As Donald Trump continues to fuel white nationalism with his recent tirade against four members of Congress who are all women of color, the essence of what it means to be American is in a seismic shift. The values of the constitution, the leadership elected to uphold it, and the American people are in direct conflict and the threat to already vulnerable communities like mine is real. The question that keeps getting louder in my ears is: Am I safe?
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Data: Breaking Down the Where and Why of K-12 Spending

It’s clear that K-12 advocates, politicians, the courts, and others over the years have raised expectations of what schools should provide and to whom, and that it takes money to meet those demands. When federal, state, and local spending is taken together, it stands as one of government’s most-expensive endeavors. Here are some significant milestones.
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Charlotte Educators Are Fighting for Racial Equity in North Carolina Classrooms

This year, two educators launched the Center for Racial Equity in Education (CREED), not only to channel their years of experience as educators but also to push for new conversation, advocacy and policy that would bring racial equity into North Carolina classrooms.

"We were thinking: What would it mean for two former teachers of color with combined 25 years’ experience, who have been deeply touched by the public school system, to create and sustain systems of equity?" asks co-founder Janeen Bryant.
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What Back-to-School News Stories Hide About Charter Schools

Every fall, we are treated to a wave of feel-good back-to-school media coverage. Now there’s a new fall tradition—puff pieces about new charter schools. Whether the charter is opening in Holyoke or Buffalo, Costa Mesa or Tulsa, Moultrie or Philadelphia, or all over North Carolina, these stories seem like marketing coups for the PR departments of their respective charter schools.

What they don’t offer is a full context or a different perspective.
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