February 28, 2020

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Presidential candidate forum:
"Are you committed to ending the school-to-prison pipeline?"

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Journey for Justice Alliance
National Conference 2020:
Transnational Unity & Action
J4J Alliance
May 22 – 24, 2020
Baltimore, MD
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Network for Public Education
2020 Conference:

Neighborhood Public Schools: The Heart of Our Communities
March 28-29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
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Schott SVP Edgar Villanueva Featured in 15 People Shaping Grantmaking in 2020

Sr. Vice President Edgar Villanueva, who leads Schott’s grant making with our philanthropic and grantee partners, was chosen as one of 15 People Shaping Grantmaking in 2020. Congrats, Edgar!

"Beyond just calling out the neo-colonial practices of current funders, Villanueva goes a step further and asks grantmakers to embrace more participatory grantmaking methods."
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How Black Lives Matter Is Changing What Students Learn During Black History Month

Time recently published an in-depth look at how Black history is (and isn't) taught in public schools, and how it both impacts and is impacted by popular movements like Black Lives Matter:

"'I definitely think that Black Lives Matter encouraged people to learn about other movements that came before,' says Tatiana Amaya, 19, a freshman at Claremont McKenna College who took a required black history course in her Philadelphia high school. 'It’s central to understanding that black oppression still exists today.'"
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Trump Budget: Slashing Public Education Is Not The Way To Remain Globally Competitive

In Forbes, Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond takes aim at President Trump's education cuts in his proposed budget:

"For the third year in a row, the Trump Administration is proposing cuts to critical programs that strengthen our global competitiveness and come at a time when more than one-fifth of children in the United States live in severe poverty and when 8.4 million Black and Latino/a children learn in extremely segregated schools that deny them the same opportunities to learn as their White and wealthier peers."
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‘It becomes a battle’: Newark School Officials Struggle with How to Involve More Parents

Chalkbeat covers the ongoing push for greater parent involvement at both the board and school level in Newark, NJ public schools:

"How to get parents more involved in educating their students and giving input into district policy has been a standing topic on the board’s agenda for months... However, some parents still don’t think the district is doing enough to involve parents, and they don’t understand how much input [Superintendent] León wants them to have in decision-making."
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Advocacy Group Calls For Eliminating Oakland School Police Department

The Black Organizing Project, a grassroots racial, social, and economic justice group, is calling on Oakland's school board to close its police department:

"Jessica Black, the Black Organizing Project's organizing director, said keeping the district's police department at a cost of $2.3 million a year at the same time the district is considering making $21 million in budget cuts for other services 'is a racial justice issue.'

She said black students comprise 26 percent of students in the district but comprise 73 percent of all students who are arrested."
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