March 21, 2018

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On The Ground Podcast
by Journey for Justice Alliance
Hosted by Jitu Brown

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CADRE’s 2019 Spring Fundraiser
Los Angeles, CA
April 25, 2019
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Webinar Next Week: What if We Used Wealth to Heal, not Harm?

What if we used wealth to heal, not harm? What if money was spent trying out concepts that challenge or shatter the structures and systems that have created inequity and disparity?

Join Schott as we continue to engage in lively conversations about how foundations can lead with racial equity and better serve the needs of communities of color. Speakers for this webinar include Chicago-based funders Megan Bang (Spencer Foundation), Bruce Boyd (Arabella Advisors), and Angelique Power (Field Foundation). Learn more & RSVP >

Grantee Spotlight: Alliance for Quality Education

Report Finds that School Underfunding is Depriving Students of Educational Opportunities

A new report released by the Alliance for Quality Education provides concrete examples of how chronic underfunding in New York has limited educational opportunities and created challenges for students in communities ranging from large cities to rural areas. Problems include a severe shortage of support staff, large class sizes, and a lack of physical resources like computers and science labs.
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Why Florida is Struggling to Fill More than 2,000 Teaching Positions

Halfway through this school year, more than 2,200 vacancies hobble Florida’s public schools. The Sunshine State ranks 45th in the nation in teacher pay with salaries $10,000 less than the national average. Meanwhile the cost of living here is 10 percent higher than in the rest of the United States. Facing high costs and low pay, Florida’s teachers often work second jobs.
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The Real Scandal Over Buying an Education

The recent college admissions scandal reaffirms that in the United States you can buy better education—legally and illegally.

Research is catching up to what is not exactly a well-kept secret: the nicer house an American family can buy, the better public school that family will have access to.
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In Many States, High School Discipline is Outdated

A new report from the ACLU shows that stricter discipline with a police presence is often given priority over other student needs.

In 2015-2016, Black students were 15% of national enrollment, but 31% of students referred to law enforcement or arrested. Black girls are suspended at higher rates (12%) than girls of any other race or ethnicity and most boys. Racial disproportionalities in discipline are a historical trend that today’s social-justice oriented student activists are eager to overcome.
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