June 28, 2019

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Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools:
"Better Days are Coming"

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Help us Celebrate Public Schools — and Help a Graduate Attend College

Local public schools and their educators have produced America’s most brilliant artists, scientists, doctors, musicians, lawyers, presidents, and more — people from all walks of life, contributing to society in countless ways. Are you or someone you know graduating in 2019 from a public high school? Help us lift up the importance of public education — with a chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship!
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Building Power: How Philanthropy Can Support the Grassroots

Schott is very proud of our partnership with the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) and our joint support for grassroots organizing as a critical strategy for ensuring all children have a fair and just opportunity to learn. NMEF’s recent report, Building Power: One Foundation’s Story of Funding Grassroots Organizing and Engagement, provides valuable insight into their theory of change and grantmaking designed to increase support for systems change within school districts and key state and local stakeholders—and build demand to realize that change.
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New Admission Criteria Gives Preference to New Orleans Students Living Near Schools

Schott grantee partner Step Up Louisiana has been doing incredible organizing work on behalf of public school students and their families.

For years, children in New Orleans have been unable to attend schools close to their homes — but thanks to advocacy work by Step Up and their coalition partners, more students living within a half-mile of some elementary and middle schools will have a better shot of getting into schools in their neighborhoods.
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Unacceptable: Nineteen States Still Allow Corporal Punishment

A new report shows just how uneven school discipline reforms have been implemented, and how desperately far many states and districts need to go.

The Striking Outlier, co-authored by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the UCLA Center for Civil Rights Remedies, details how nineteen states still have corporal punishment as an acceptable disciplinary practice in their public schools.
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Our Best and Brightest New High School Graduates Show What's Right in Public Education

Now, we all know that schools are not created equal. The disparities in public education are legendary, especially in the St. Louis area, where the richest of the rich live in districts miles away, literally and figuratively, from the city's poor.

But let's put that aside and look at a couple of success stories from the class of 2019, stories of kids lucky enough to attend public schools that actually cared about them, schools that they cared about in return.
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