July 26, 2019

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Impact of the Local Control Funding Formula in Pomona, CA:

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Congratulations to Breanna Hall, Schott's Proud #PublicSchoolGrad Scholarship Winner

To celebrate public high school graduates and the educators who helped them along their path, Schott held our first Proud #PublicSchoolGrad scholarship contest. Out of hundreds of entrants, we're proud to announce that Breanna Hall is the winner! Breanna is a 2019 graduate of Ramsay High School, in Birmingham, Alabama and has been accepted to Alcorn State University. Throughout her high school career Breanna has shown commitment to community service and helping others through Future Teachers of Alabama.
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What the Research Gets Wrong About State Takeovers of Public Schools

Do state takeovers actually improve academic performance of students of color? Studies showing positive results have been based solely or predominantly on improvements in student scores on standardized tests, even though critics argue that the overreliance on test scores isn’t a guarantee of academic success or failure.
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Students of Color with Disabilities are Being Pushed into the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Exclusionary discipline practices in K-12 schools — suspension, expulsion and other disciplinary actions that take a student away from the classroom — raise the chances that a student will repeat a grade, drop out or end up in the criminal justice system. And students of color who have disabilities are disproportionately likely to face that kind of discipline. Drawing on research and expert testimony, a new report calls on schools to reform exclusionary discipline and heavy law enforcement involvement.
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MA Parents, Educators Call for More Public Education Funding

It's been nearly four years since a bipartisan commission found Massachusetts was underfunding schools by more than $1 billion. So late last week, parents and educators rallied on Beacon Hill for action on two bills that seem to have stalled. The Promise Act would add $1 billion in funding for public pre-K through high school education – delivering the bulk of new resources to the most economically disadvantaged districts.
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New York Law Extends Anti-bullying Protections to Public School Kids

The state Division of Human Rights is now authorized to investigate and crack down on bullying, harassment and other types of discrimination in public schools, according to a bill signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Thursday.

The legislation clarifies the definition of "educational institution" so that anti-discrimination provisions in the state Human Rights Law apply to public schools, not just private schools, as was held in a 2012 Court of Appeals decision.
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Where are the Teachers? Thousands of Unfilled Teaching Jobs Threaten Education in Kentucky

Shelby County Superintendent James Neihof said his most significant concerns are science and math teacher shortages in middle and high schools. Neihof said people with math and science credentials who go into the private sector can make $20,000 to $30,000 more than by going to work as a teacher where the beginning salary could be in the mid-$40,000’s.
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