September 19, 2019

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Dignity in Schools
National Week of Action

October 19-27

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Grantmakers for Education Conference
October 22-24, 2019 • New Orleans

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LGBTQ Students Need Help, and Philanthropy Needs to Step Up

A new infographic released today highlights the challenges facing LGBTQ students and analyzes trends, gaps, and opportunities in funding for LGBTQ education issues.

Produced in partnership between Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Schott, we hope this infographic will help both those in philanthropy and LGBTQ advocates to chart a better course toward a future where all LGBTQ youth attend well-resourced, supportive and safe public schools. Schott is proud to be a longtime supporter of grassroots LGBTQ youth organizing as a crucial component of the education justice movement.
See the full infographic here >

Webinar: Keeping Public Schools Public

Catch up on yesterday's webinar! Southern Poverty Law Center's Bacardi Jackson and the Education Law Center's Jessica Levin joined Schott President Dr. John H. Jackson to discuss the history of school voucher schemes, their impact today, and the multi-pronged approach being used to push back against them. The presenters also introduced a new organization specifically aimed at the struggle against vouchers, Public Funds Public Schools.
Read more and watch the webinar >

Segregation is Worse in Charter Schools: a Q&A with Julian Vasquez-Heilig

“If the charter schools don’t want to be diverse, they don’t have to be.”

A new study in Education Sciences by Julian Vasquez-Heilig, the newly named dean of University of Kentucky’s College of Education, found that the rate of double segregation by race and class is substantially higher in charter schools than in traditional public schools.
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New Resource: Investing in Native Communities

Of all philanthropic funding by large U.S. foundations, only 0.4% on average is directed to Native communities.

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) and Candid partnered to launch a new, interactive website to encourage greater funding and support to Native communities. The free site shares funding data, research, history, and other crucial information to help funders best support Native causes.

Schott Vice President Edgar Villanueva, a NAP board member, wrote the Foreword to the "Investing in Native Communities" report.
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Parent Who Criticized His Son's Math Program is Sued By Curriculum Company

A group of families in Wake County, N.C., have pushed for months to get their school district to stop using a controversial new curriculum. Now the company behind the curriculum is suing one of the most vocal parents for defamation. It’s a surprising move that some say could have broad implications for parent advocacy around curriculum and instruction.
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Chicago’s Impending Teacher Strike is Ten Years in the Making

A strike vote is scheduled for September 26, with a possible strike date—should a majority of union members agree—set for October 7, at the earliest, according to a write-up in the Chicago Tribune. A key element of the current struggle also appears to be an unwillingness by the Chicago Teachers Union, under the leadership of president Jesse Sharkey, to allow teachers and other school staff to bear the brunt of ongoing funding cuts for public education.
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When School's a Battleground for Transgender Kids, Teachers Learn to Protect, Affirm Them

Schools can be a battleground for transgender students or students who are gender nonconforming. And the potential land mines go far beyond restroom assignments, which have been a politically charged focal point in conversations about transgender youth for the past few years.

Advocates say teachers must create a safe, supportive, and inclusive classroom for transgender and gender-nonconforming students, whose gender identity or expression does not conform to the traditional expectations of the gender they were assigned at birth.
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