September 5, 2019

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A Long Stare in the Mirror

Featuring Schott Vice President
Edgar Villanueva
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Schott Webinar:
Keeping Public Education Public: New Strategies Against School Voucher Programs
September 17, 2019 • 3:00pm

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Grantmakers for Education Conference

October 22-24, 2019 • New Orleans

Featuring a keynote by Schott VP Edgar Villanueva
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Trump is Diverting Funds from One of the Best U.S. School Systems to Build His Wall

Yesterday the Pentagon announced that it would cut funding to its schools and daycare centers as part of a $3.6 billion diversion of funds toward construction of President Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border. This diversion, a result of President Trump using “national emergency” powers, means that the Federal government is cutting funding to a school system that educates the children of men and women serving in the military and is one of the highest-performing, most equitable school systems in the United States.
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Save the Week: Dignity in Schools' National Week of Action is October 19-27

The Dignity in Schools Campaign is holding its 10th annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout on October 19-27, 2019. Consistent with previous years, groups will hold events and actions in towns and cities across the country. This year's theme is Educate Students, Stop Arrests! Mark your calendar and get involved.
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New Ways to Fund Longstanding Needs in Public Education

From early childhood education to health services to after-school and summer programs, many policymakers know what needs to be done but can't find the necessary resources.

The Education Redesign Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Children’s Funding Project released a new report that offers ten unique strategies for identifying new funding to expand services and programs for children and youth.
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Civil Rights Coalition: Time for Action on School Climate

The Leadership Conference Education Fund released “Civil Rights Principles for Safe, Healthy, and Inclusive School Climates” this week to urge policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure that all students can learn in safe, healthy, and inclusive environments. Fifty-seven civil rights and education organizations signed onto the principles, asking members of Congress to fulfill their role in helping educators and communities create and maintain safe schools that afford all students equal educational opportunities by incorporating these principles into all relevant legislation.
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Texas Is Kicking Far Fewer Young Students Out of the Classroom Thanks to This Law

The number of children kicked out of the classroom has dropped by nearly a third since Texas implemented a law that banned such punishment except in the most extreme cases.

Some students were still more likely to face suspensions—most notably kids in foster care, black children, and those in special education.
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What Finland is really doing to improve its acclaimed schools

Tens of thousands of visitors have traveled to the country to see how to improve their own schools. Hundreds of articles have been written to explain why Finnish education is so marvelous — or sometimes that it isn’t. Because Finland has been such a popular target of searching for the key to the betterment of education, there are also many stories about Finnish schools that are not true.
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