Occupy Education: National Day of Action

Targeting one of the most dire inequalities facing our nation - access to quality education - the Occupy Movement is holding a national day of action focused on education. From Albany to Sacramento, students, parents and educators across the country are staging walkouts and marches to departments of education on behalf of equitable funding to provide all students with an equal opportunity to learn.

It's a big deal for the Occupy movement to be raising the issue of education. The inequities in our public school system are what make it so hard for so many children to get on the "escalator out of poverty" that a quality education should be - let alone ride it all the way to success.

Be sure to visit the Occupy Education website and check out what events are going on near you. And you can follow live updates from events around the country on the Twitter hashtag #M1.

Below is an excerpt from a great piece by Saulo Colon, a college professor and activist, about the Occupy action day. The post was originally published on Democracy and Education, an Education Week blog written by Greg Jobin-Leeds. You can check out the full post here.

March 1st will be the beginning of the Occupy movement's nationally coordinated spring offensive on education and inequality in America. Below, is the Call for a National Day of Action. I, and many other lecturers, adjuncts, teachers, and professors, will be out there with our students. They are the leadership of this, but this is also our fight if we care about education. The California State University faculty have already decided to strike to attempt to stop the decline of their state college system, and the AAUP, Assoc of American University Professors, has expressed support for March 1. In the tradition of American democracy, let's "Agitate, Educate, Organize"!

We refuse to pay for the crisis created by the 1%. We refuse to accept the dismantling of our schools and universities, while the banks and corporations make record profits. We refuse to accept educational re-segregation, massive tuition increases, outrageous student debt, and increasing privatization and corporatization.

They got bailed out and we got sold out. But through nationally coordinated mass action we can and will turn back the tide of austerity.