An Education Declaration to Rebuild America


Diverse Education Network Rejects 30 Years of Failed Policy,
Calls for New Direction Based on Research, Equity & Supports

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Every revolution needs a declaration. Against a backdrop of surging grassroots discontent with how the nation's K-12 public schools are currently governed, a diverse coalition of leaders from across the country have joined in support of "An Education Declaration to Rebuild America."

The Declaration, written by the Institute for America's Future and National Opportunity to Learn Campaign, outlines a new direction in education policy, one that is focused on opportunities and supports for students and respect for educators.

The more than 40 prominent signers of "An Education Declaration to Rebuild America" include educators and activists, economists, civil rights and labor leaders, government officials, parents, and community organizers. They charge that current education policy is dominated by an over-reliance on standards and high-sakes testing, which is starving school districts of vital resources and creating "an inequitable system that hits disadvantaged students, families, and communities the hardest."

"For too long we've only focused on a standards-based reform agenda, without systemically providing children the supports they need to learn and succeed. This Declaration unites leaders from many diverse sectors in calling for a pivot in America's educational trajectory."

— John H. Jackson,
Schott Foundation President & CEO
Declaration Co-Author

In contrast, the Declaration lays out principles and policy solutions for "a new approach… to improve our nation's economic trajectory, strengthen our democracy, and avoid an even more stratified and segregated society." The Declaration frames public education "as a public good" based on principles that all children, regardless of where they live, have a right to learn, and that investments in education "must be equitable and sufficient" to guarantee students access to high quality education starting from pre-kindergarten.

The Declaration is being released at a time of growing frustration with the nation's current approach to education policy. The widespread dissent has led to massive street protests in Chicago and Philadelphia, parent and teacher boycotts of high-stakes testing in Seattle and across the country, and fierce legislative battles over testing and vouchers from the South to Texas to California.

If you or your organization agrees that it's time for a new direction in education reform, sign on! We hope you will join us in affirming the importance of public education and the necessity of ensuring opportunity for all young people and a strong future for our democracy.