NEW VIDEO: How California Organizers Won Fair School Funding

Last year, parents, students, teachers and community members in Los Angeles achieved a huge victory for the city’s public schools: they successfully pushed the LA school board to adopt the “Equity Is Justice Resolution," which will guide the distribution of new state funding to prioritize the highest-needs students and schools. Their victory is an important step and an inspiring moment in the fight for equity and opportunity in our nation's public schools. 

The Schott Foundation for Public Education and the Community Coalition, with support from The California Endowment, are proud to release this exciting new video highlighting the Los Angeles campaign and the hundreds of dedicated parents and young people who worked to make equity the guiding principle of their city's school funding system.

This video also functions as a valuable tool for organizers in California and across the country by explaining the steps this coalition took to build their campaign and push for change with local officials. 

We hope you find this story as inspiring as we do! Enjoy the video, and please don't forget to share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter.

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