New Video: Health and Justice in California

The American Health Association released an informative new video about California's problems with healthcare and the prison system, and about the ways activists in the state have made progress to combat it. While the video centers on California, this is a must watch for anyone in the United States.

The video ties together the dual issues of health and justice to demonstrate how both affect the other. Lack of healthcare, especially mental healthcare, can lead to trauma and mental health issues never being diagnosed or treated, and thus leaving people who suffer from them far more likely to enter into the justice system. Similarly, suspensions, arrests, and incarcerations can damage mental health, reduce overall lifespan, and disrupt families and communities. As the video shows, this results in constantly increasing incarcerations at the expense of funding and support for preventative measures, such as investments in schools and healthcare.

To learn more, watch the video below, and join in the conversation on twitter with #HealthNotJails!