For equity in education: join us on #GivingTuesday


Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.

Grassroots organizations are working hard for — and winning — serious victories for public school children in communities across the country. But they can't continue without gifts from people like you.

Below are just a few of the many organizations Schott supports, people who are on the front lines in the fight for equity and opportunity in public education.

So while we took time on Thursday to thank our friends and loved ones, please join us in giving to those who are committed to making sure that all our children have the quality education they deserve.

logoAlliance for Quality Education

The Alliance for Quality Education is a New York coalition that mobilizes communities across the state:

• AQE is leading the struggle against school push-out, helping expose charter schools that drove out students they didn't want.
• They helped defeat a dangerous proposal to siphon millions in taxpayer subsidies to wealthy residents for donating to private schools
• AQE has traveled across the state to highlight the inequities in school funding that keep many New York children from receiving their constitutional right to education.

Schott has funded AQE for many years, but we need your help to make sure they have the resources they need to maintain and strengthen their efforts.

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logoDignity in Schools Campaign

The Dignity in Schools Campaign is a nationwide coalition of groups working to ensure the right of every young person to a quality education and to be treated with dignity. Since 2006, DSC has used grassroots organizing, lobbying, and direct action to win victories across the country.

• Every year, DSC holds a Week of Action in which member groups from coast to coast engage in public events to push for discipline reform at the local, state, and national level.
• Not content to simply opposed a failed system, DSC put together an extensive Model Code on Education and Dignity as an alternative, which serves as a blueprint for creating positive learning environments for all children.
• DSC members have won stunning victories from Colorado and California to Ohio and New York, dramatically reducing the number of students suspended and implementing restorative justice policies.

Dignity in Schools has been doing incredible work around school discipline, and Schott is proud to fund DSC, but far too many children still face the threat of suspension and expulsion every day. We need your help to strengthen their winning strategies and expand their work to more states and cities.

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logoEducation Voters of Pennsylvania

Since 2007, Education Voters of PA has been working in communities throughout the Commonwealth to build public demand for policies that support great public schools and an opportunity to learn for all children.

• Ed Voters trains community leaders to become strong advocates and organizers, both locally and in the statehouse.
• They pushed tirelessly to make sure education was a priority issue in the 2014 gubernatorial election, and recently won the creation of a Basic Education Funding Commission, and the proposed addition of $400 in new education spending for Pennsylvania's public school children.
• Ed Voters not only made education a priority for candidates, they also successfully used an education-centric message to mobilize voter turnout.

Pennsylvania is a crucial state for getting education reform right, and Education Voters of Pennsylvania is leading the way. However, they need our help to build on their recent successes and expand their efforts, train new community leaders, and keep pressure on Harrisburg to make sure schools get the resources they need.

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logoFamilies and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children

For 15 years, FFLIC's grassroots membership has worked to transform the systems that put children at risk of prison in Louisiana.

• FFLIC organizers pioneered justice reform when they succeeded in closing down Tallulah youth prison, considered by some to be the worst juvenile facility in the country.
• FFLIC is now organizing to stop the school-to-prison pipeline entirely, to make sure children are in school and learning in a safe environment.
• Trainers regularly present to parents and schools across the state on positive alternatives to failed "zero tolerance" discipline policies.

New Orleans, and Louisiana in general, is ground zero for education reform, and Schott is proud to fund FFLIC's work to make sure schools provide all children with an opportunity to learn. Join us to help make the dream of just and fair Louisiana schools a reality.

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Please join us in supporting the many grassroots organizations that form the heart of the movement for equity and opportunity in our public schools!