A Win for California, a Model for the Nation

by John H. Jackson, President & CEO

Schott applauds California Governor Gavin Newsom's appointment of Linda Darling-Hammond as president of the State Board of Education. In news that received far less attention than President Trump’s feud with the state over the rail system, this is certainly a big win for California students, parents and teachers. One of the chief architects of the multiple-measure learning assessment system, Linda brings a much-needed balanced approach of standards and supports to the state’s educational system. A long-time advocate for equitable funding, Linda was a major player in the development and enactment of California’s Local Control Funding Formula which seeks to target funds to disadvantaged and low-income students. We are proud of Linda’s appointment—and deeply appreciative of her continued leadership with Schott and allies across the country to strengthen the efforts for educational opportunity for all students.

At a time when, too often, politics seems to be about making the biggest splash, we hope this is the beginning of a new wave of politics in education focused on making the biggest impact for students.