Personal Opportunity Plans

Student-Centered Learning with a POP

Personalized learning might be hard to imagine in today's world of high-stakes testing and punitive accountability systems, but a new report shows how we could use "Personal Opportunity Plans (POPs)" to move our public education system in a new direction.

Here's How We Get Student-Centered Learning Right
A Blueprint for Developing "Personal Opportunity Plans"


Partnerships, NOT Pushouts: New Policy Guide for School Boards

A new policy guide released today details how school board members can lead the way in securing a high quality education for each and every student in their district.

Partnerships, NOT Pushouts
New "Whole-Child" Policy Guide for School Board Members


Give At-Risk Students Early, Tailored Supports

By Chris Hill, NC Justice Center, and John H. Jackson, Schott Foundation

It’s time we recognize that students fall behind not because of inherent character flaws, but because our education policies for the past two decades have focused on implementing tough standards while failing to build support systems that address the societal factors that create barriers to academic success.

More than 20 million students in the United States are below proficient in reading and math and barred from the educational opportunities that will lead to success.

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