Opportunity Gap - Quotes

"The nation recognizes its social, civic and economic strength is directly linked to the strength of its public schools. But if every child is to have an opportunity for success, every student must have a true Opportunity to Learn."

- John H. Jackson, President of Schott Foundation for Public Education

"Most of what we call the achievement gap is a resource gap. If you are in a hospital and your recovery isn't going so well, we give you more resources to catch you up, to make sure you walk out that door as strong and healthy as anybody else. In school it should be the same way. If you're falling behind, we should devote more attention to you, more resources."

- Ben Jealous, President of NAACP

"Despite the best efforts of America's educators to bring greater equity to our schools, too many children- especially low-income and minority children- are still denied the educational opportunities they need to succeed."

- Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretory for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education

"Change in education cannot be implemented on a piecemeal basis. The administration needs a new vision, one rooted in the recognition that schools must provide equal opportunity for all children to learn if the schools are to fulfill their vital role as the cornerstone of our democracy."

- Pedro Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University

"The transforming impact of excellent public schools is proven. The sad irony is that learning-related resources necessary for high academic performance are often tilted toward middle-class and affluent schools."

- Edwin C. Darden, Director of Education Law and Policy, Appleseed

"Sufficient school funding, fairly distributed to districts to address concentrated poverty, is an essential precondition for the delivery of a high-quality education in the 50 states."

- David Sciarra, Executive Director of the Education Low Center in Newark, NJ

"Equal access to education is the civil rights issue of today and it's something that needs to be addressed across all borders. Education is the equalizer."

- Rep. Bruce V. Morris, Connecticut