Resources on Vouchers

Below are organizations and studies documenting the harmful effects of vouchers on our nation's students and public school system:

  • Center on Education Policy - Keeping Informed about School Vouchers: A Review of Major Developments and Research

CEP examines a deade's worth of research on school vouchers, including the effects on graduation rates, public school achievement and taxpayer costs. Among the report's key findings is that vouchers have no clear positive effect on student academic achievement. Read more >>

  • Education Law Center - ELC Challenges the Legality of Tuition Voucher Proposals Due to the Discriminatory Impact on Children with Disabilities and English Language Learners

The ELC argues that federal and state laws against disability and language proficiency discrimination would prohibit voucher programs. Read more >>

  • People for the American Way - Vouchers: What Are the Issues? 

This national civil liberties group provides a review of voucher issues including accountability to parents, the public and taxpayers; separation of church and state; and, the GAO study of D.C.'s voucher program. Read more >>

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State - 10 Reasons Why Private School Vouchers Should Be Rejected

This nonpartisan group maintains that taxpayer-funded school vouchers to cover private and religious school tuition violate our nation's constitutional principle of church-state separation. Read more >>